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Working with the team at nuear, is such a breeze. I truly enjoy all of their help and attention to detail. Recently, I started the nursing program at the local community college. Jeff was more than happy to write me a recommendation for amplification support and disability services for in the classroom. Thank you for going above and beyond! I highly recommend them. The company itself is nice to support also, it being the only US manufactured hearing aids that i am aware of.
Treanna Wade, on Google+
Very good experience. Michael and Jeff are very helpful and professional and helped me transition painlessly into hearing aids for the first time. They continue to offer excellent support in terms of minor adjustments, check-ups, etc. If you are looking at hearing aid options I encourage you to check out NuEar in For Collins.
Armando Balloffet, on Google+
It’s been an easy and “stress free” experience with both Michael and Jeff. The customer service is outstanding and my new hearing aids are amazing! What a difference a little sound makes!! Thanks guys.
Doug Finch, on Google+
The hearing tests were very comprehensive. The staff was helpful, courteous and thorough. I now have hearing aids. I hear better and am very happy with the experience.
francis Coffren, on Google+
We have had an excellent experience with Jeff and Michael. My husband first purchased hearing aids two years ago and it was a totally bad experience with the hearing aids along with the service. The hearing aids from NUEAR are of superior quality and the service that is available is equal to that and the cost. We couldn't be more satisfied with Jeff's knowledge or his staff, Michael. We highly recommend them.
linda filler, on Google+

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