In mid 2019 I bought my hearing aids at NuEar and was basically told, "call us if you need anything." In the fall of 2020 Dr. Lori Archie reached out to me and asked if I would come in for a review of my hearing status and hearing aids condition. I have now met with Dr. Archie three times to fine tune my hearing aids and have been given a thorough hearing test. Dr. Archie has a masters degree in speech pathology and is a Doctor of Audiology. She is the real deal, not just a hearing aid sales person. Very knowledgeable and easy to talk with. Thank you Dr. Lori for getting me back to using my hearing aids again! Denny Pink Fort Collins, CO.
Denny Pink, on Google
Very helpful to resolve and fine tune my hearing aides
Shari Meyer, on Google
Very professional and thorough. I highly recommend going to have your hearing checked.
george babel, on Google
I had a wonderful experience at NuEar. Dr. you patient and caring. Thank you
Shyerl Erwin, on Google
I upgraded my hearing aids to the NuEar Wireless Circa AI 1600's because I wanted to use my bluetooth in my RX10 iPhone to receive phone calls and listen to music and other things through my hearing aids. Wow are they ever wonderful. I am so gad that I did this. Lori Archie the Doctor of Audiology is so knowledgeable about Starkey hearing aids. She has helped me tweek mine to accommodate my needs in everyday hearing, listening to music and receiving phone calls on my iPhone. It's wonderful. I can now listen to music and receive phone calls while I am driving, hands free. Lori is truly a Strakey Hearing Aid Professional. Go and see her today. Thank you Lori
Carol Campbell, on Google

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