I had a consultation at NuEar today with Ross Archie. The appointment was so pleasant; Ross' manner was professional yet personable. He Administered hearing tests, explained them and showed me hearing aid options for my hearing loss and tinnitus. I felt confident In his knowledge and technical abilities. I look forward going back to NuEar to order My hearing aids! I recommend NuEar and Ross to anyone Considering hearing aids and testing!
Julie Tompkins, on Google
The personal care and attention from NuEar is simply unmatched in today’s world. This service is on top of the amazing hearing results that have transformed med my life and mental health. Thank you Ross. You guys are simply amazing!
Brian Bowden, on Google
Ross was very friendly and personable, and he made the appointment easy and relaxing. The visit went smoothly. He was very knowledgeable, and consulted with online telehealth consultant when he felt that needed more guidance, which I felt was both humble and helpful for my appointment.
Jillian Busch, on Google
In mid 2019 I bought my hearing aids at NuEar and was basically told, "call us if you need anything." In the fall of 2020 Dr. Lori Archie reached out to me and asked if I would come in for a review of my hearing status and hearing aids condition. I have now met with Dr. Archie three times to fine tune my hearing aids and have been given a thorough hearing test. Dr. Archie has a masters degree in speech pathology and is a Doctor of Audiology. She is the real deal, not just a hearing aid sales person. Very knowledgeable and easy to talk with. Thank you Dr. Lori for getting me back to using my hearing aids again! Denny Pink Fort Collins, CO.
Denny Pink, on Google

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