Thank you NuEar, love my new hearing aids, small, wireless and connected to my phone. Thank you are the service support when needed Dr. Lori Archer.
Manetta DeRemer, on Google
I upgraded my hearing aids to the NuEar Wireless Circa AI 1600's because I wanted to use my bluetooth in my RX10 iPhone to receive phone calls and listen to music and other things through my hearing aids. Wow are they ever wonderful. I am so gad that I did this. Lori Archie the Doctor of Audiology is so knowledgeable about Starkey hearing aids. She has helped me tweek mine to accommodate my needs in everyday hearing, listening to music and receiving phone calls on my iPhone. It's wonderful. I can now listen to music and receive phone calls while I am driving, hands free. Lori is truly a Strakey Hearing Aid Professional. Go and see her today. Thank you Lori
Carol Campbell, on Google
always there when service on hearing aids needed. Very knowledgeable and professional
carolin hewitt, on Google
I came in to check my ear after I shoved a q tip to far and hurt myself. Thankfully everything looks great and it was a very easy experience and the doctor explained everything as he was going along. Scheduling an appointment was nice and they were able to get us in on the same day plus it was very inexpensive for the cleaning we needed in one ear. Thank you for a great and helpful experience.
Phoenix Stone, on Google
Working with the team at nuear, is such a breeze. I truly enjoy all of their help and attention to detail. Recently, I started the nursing program at the local community college. Jeff was more than happy to write me a recommendation for amplification support and disability services for in the classroom. Thank you for going above and beyond! I highly recommend them. The company itself is nice to support also, it being the only US manufactured hearing aids that i am aware of.
Treanna Wade, on Google

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